City Couriers

" Staying ahead of the curve... "


In order to achieve maximum fleet optimisation, planning and control has to be inherent in every discipline throughout the fleet. The fleet of 700 units is made up of various derivatives and sizes to optimise fleet utilisation, maximise efficiency and keep operating costs low. Preventative maintenance checks are carried out at all depots and standard operating procedures ensure staff compliance.

An integrated tyre management programme is in place to avoid tyre failures and on road delays. The company has a well-defined vehicle replacement programme and new vehicles are specially built and purchased based on clients needs to ensure client satisfaction is maintained. Regular servicing schedules are adhered to maximise operating efficiencies and minimise downtime. A Fleet Representative is located at every depot and reports daily to the National Fleet Department at Head Office. In the fleet department there are administrators that are dedicated to certain aspects to optimise fleet performance.

In addition to two-way radio communications between drivers and their depots, all the vehicles have integrated Fleet Management Systems that offer live tracking capabilities amongst many other beneficial features. There are independent Stolen Recovery Units in all vehicles which cannot be tracked by anyone other than the service provider for integrity and control purposes.
  • Visual monitoring of vehicles is done on a 24/7 basis and via GSM, RF or satellite networks from the depot control rooms and the main Control Centre in Durban.
  • On-Line vehicle positioning, data feedback and control of driving habits are done by voice communications, live tracking and automated exception reports.
  • There is a National Driver Training programme at all depots ensuring that drivers are continuously up-skilled.